Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Message from Sarah Palin

America - what are we going to do after the election if Barack Obama wins? I seriously think I may go into Sarah Palin withdrawal. After all, I reguarly get updates from the Governor of Alaska, who is thankfully keeping watch over Russia from her window. And the clips of Tina Fey as Pitbull Palin are so realistic, I drop my lipstick every time. Sarah Palin doesn't aim to be funny - she just is. And if she wasn't aiming to be sitting in the oval office with her finger on the trigger (don't answer the phone.... please), we could all just have a good chuckle at her adorable accent and silly ideas about dinosaurs *wink*.

I thought I had seen all the Sarah Palin videos until I came across this one by David Letterman. Enoy a message from Sarah Palin:

Isn't Sarah Palin just adorable? How many weeks until the election again?

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