Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where the Bikini Came From

An explosive name for the bomb that hit the fashion world back in the 1940s, the "bikini" was named after the nuclear tests that the US conducted in Bikini Atoll (photo above). It was so scandalous that the swimwear designer could not even find regular models for the fashion show - a stripper walked down the catwalk instead! For the first 10 years or so, people were ashamed to wear such a tiny swimsuit. It didn't take long for the swimsuit style to take off, though. With the help of Hollywood stars, they were soon flying off the shelf. And then, they got smaller and smaller...

For a complete history, photos and some unique videos, visit my Hub, "A Brief History of the Bikini."

You Can Wear a 2-Piece Swimsuit

Think that one of the most popular styles of swimsuits, the bikini, is not for you? Think again! There are so many 2-piece options available, both in a traditional lingerie style and in the more modest tankini style. Never fear sitting by the pool again during summer or on vacation. Learn how to choose the best looking suit to flatter your body, and how to get in shape for the best looking Bikini Bod ever. Lots of photos and videos included.

Calvin and Hobbes

One of the most famous and best loved cartoons of all time is the boy-tiger duo of Calvin and Hobbes, created by Tim Watterson. Published for a 10-year span (with one short hiatus) from 1985-1995, audiences were treated to the antics of a 6-year old and his stuffed animal tiger, Hobbes, which appears to be real and interacts with Calvin as one of his friends. Wise well-beyond his 1st grader years, Calvin has a wry commentary on life in general. Hobbes encourages him often in his escapades, or "helping" Calvin with his schoolwork.

The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip continues to enjoy a great fan base through a number of published books. However, no other officially licensed merchandise is available. To enjoy some of the classic C&H frames and to find out more about Watterson's creations, click here.

The Far Side Cartoons

Who doesn't love Gary Larson's favorite cartoon series, "The Far Side?" This creative genius from Tacoma, Washington published thousands of single-pane drawings in a 10-year period from the 1980s to the 1990s. Poking fun at scientists, angels/devils, silly human beings and smart animals, Larson's commentary was even funnier than his clever artwork.

Although Mr. Larson does not continue to draw his highly popular comic strip, The Far Side lives on in numerous books, calendars, t-shirts and more. For a great compilation of The Far Side cartoons and more information about Larson himself, visit my hub.

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