Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Exercise Your Right to Vote

November is only 9 days away, and that means that the U.S. is less than 2 weeks from electing its next President. 2008 has been a crazy, amazing, frustrating political year. Who's ready for it to finally be over? I, for one, cannot wait for the negative advertisements to go off the air. Though I may miss the funny Sarah Palin skits on SNL.

But in all seriousness, if you want to have something to legitimately complain (or gloat) about for the next four years, then you'd better exercise your right to vote.

What are the basic requirements to be a legal voter? Very simple:

1. You must be 18 years of age,
2. You must register to vote,
3. You must be a resident of the county in which you'll be casting your vote, and
4. You must not be a convicted felon (prohibitions vary from state to state)

That's it! If you want to exercise your right to vote in this election and you are not yet registered, stop by your local post office, public library or Department of Motor Vehicles to see if you still have time to register. Many states do not allow same-day registration. Be sure to bring legal identification such as a driver's license and/or proof of residency (a utility bill).

America is at a critical point in its history - the economy, situation in the Middle East, and our future energy supplies all demand solid leadership in the White House. It has never been more imperative for you to exercise your right to vote. Don't leave your tomorrow in someone else's hands. Make your voice heard. Get out on November 4th and cast your ballot.


  1. Wow! That video really sends the message home. Great post. :)

  2. Thank you Amy! I thought it said it all. Hope everyone gets out to vote.