Thursday, July 17, 2008

Want to See a Great Kids Movie

If you are looking for a fantastic, entertaining, family-friendly movie in the summer of 2008, be sure to check out Kung Fu Panda. This film is the latest creation of Dreamworks Studio and is a hilarious ride of animation. Jack Black voices "Po," the huge Panda Bear that dreams of being a Kung Fu master, but is a little - uh, big and awkward for the part. Nonetheless, Po finds himself being chosen as the Dragon Warrior to face the evil Kai Lung, who is escaping from prison to threaten all the people in the villiage. Watch this great movie to see what happens next. By the way, I give this film a total "thumbs up" as a parent of four kids, ages 5 (twins) through 10. Every single one of us loved the entertaining ride.

Be sure to check out this review for more information and where to buy the exciting video game that is based on the movie.

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