Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are You Looking for an Answer to the Gas Crisis

Plug-in Electric Hybrid cars (also known as PEHVs) may be the answer to the current gas crisis! Unlike "regular" hybrid vehicles, these cars only use gas to charge the battery. Other hybrids run on battery power and then fuel. Recent technology allows PEHVs to travel between 30-40 miles purely on an electric charge before any gas is used. In other words, if your commute is shorter than this distance, you may never have to fill up again! During the day, plug in your car while you're at work to re-charge the battery. Some auto manufacturers, including Chevrolet, have already built models like the Chevy Volt, pictured above. Toyota Prius is also being retrofitted as a plug-in model.

Major corporations, including Microsoft, are working with plug-in proponents so that grid overload is minimized, as well as traffic congestion. Look for more information in the coming months. Hopefully, we'll be able to plug into a cleaner, greener future soon!
Looking for more information on PEHVs and how they work? Click here.

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