Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Lego Connection

Many of us probably remember LEGOs from our childhood. Who can forget the durable, hard, colorful bricks that interconnect with each other? The LEGO brand has exploded in popularity recently with a variety of building block sets based on popular movies and characters. These days, you can find Harry Potter LEGOs, Indiana Jones LEGOs, Star Wars LEGOs, and - of course, Batman LEGOs.

When I was a child, the basic toys included bricks in a variety of sizes and shapes (long and skinny to short and fat), windows, doors and even steering wheels, in case you wanted to create a vehicle. Nowadays, LEGO people across the spectrum can be found, and it seems like just about anything can be built with LEGO blocks. There are both classic LEGOs and Duplex blocks for younger children (kids under the age of 3 should not play with the small blocks as they may be a choking hazard). In fact, hugely popular LEGO video games have also been developed. Star Wars LEGO and Indiana Jones LEGO games allow players to live the excitement of the film series on any gaming platform.

Kids and parents alike love these great toys. Imaginative creations can be made, and every LEGO set also includes specific instructions for building a specific structure or vehicle. If you lose the instructions, just go to a LEGO store, or online to get a replacement.

There are even theme parks around the world based on the LEGO brand! Legoland is found in California, Great Britain, Germany and Denmark. Kids can enjoy amusement park rides, shows and displays all created from and based on LEGOs. It just goes to show you what a great product, indestructible durability and smart marketing can do!

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