Sunday, May 18, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

One of the most famous and best loved cartoons of all time is the boy-tiger duo of Calvin and Hobbes, created by Tim Watterson. Published for a 10-year span (with one short hiatus) from 1985-1995, audiences were treated to the antics of a 6-year old and his stuffed animal tiger, Hobbes, which appears to be real and interacts with Calvin as one of his friends. Wise well-beyond his 1st grader years, Calvin has a wry commentary on life in general. Hobbes encourages him often in his escapades, or "helping" Calvin with his schoolwork.

The Calvin and Hobbes comic strip continues to enjoy a great fan base through a number of published books. However, no other officially licensed merchandise is available. To enjoy some of the classic C&H frames and to find out more about Watterson's creations, click here.

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